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Two arrested after drawing officers eye
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A Covington Police Officer finishing his meal break at a Waffle House was in the right place at the right time to catch a couple apparently breaking the law early Saturday morning.

While sitting in a booth at the restaurant finishing his meal, the officer noticed a man and a woman come in and sit in the booth next to him. He was immediately struck by the overwhelming odor of alcohol coming from the duo and also took note that both had red, glassy eyes, and both were squinting and appeared to have trouble keeping their eyes open, according to reports.

After sitting, the couple kept glancing at the officer and whispering to one another, and then got up and moved to a booth across the restaurant. An employee approached the officer and reportedly shared her concern about the couple, asking the officer if he could stay there a bit longer and keep an eye on them.

Several minutes later, the officer heard a waitress discussing an order problem with the cook that came from the couple's table. When the waitress approached the couple with a menu, he heard the female yell an expletive loudly. At that point the officer approached the couple and asked the female what the problem was.

The woman, identified as Betty Jackson, became irate, according to reports, and began to raise her voice. Jackson loudly denied having cursed, and when the officer asked which of the two had driven to the restaurant, she reportedly became even angrier, allegedly saying that she had driven to the restaurant and that she had not been drinking.

She also reportedly told the officer that "she was a taxpayer and that she paid his salary," and that the officer was "discriminating against her." At this point, the officer called for backup to help deal with the situation.

When the other officer arrived, the two stood outside and spoke. They could see that Jackson was still being "animated" inside the restaurant and went inside to speak with her again. When the officers told her to keep her voice down and not to drive anywhere she reportedly said that she was going to call her attorney and that they "could not treat her this way."

Reports indicate that Jackson then got on her cell phone, dialed a number and asked to speak to someone named "B." In order to avoid any further conflict inside the restaurant, the officers walked outside again and watched the parking lot to make sure the drunken duo didn't drive.
Around 4:45 a.m., officers watched as Jackson, along with her companion, Timothy Stanford, got into a blue Mercedes and left the parking lot. They followed in a patrol car and watched as the car swerved over the center line twice before activating their blue lights and stopping the car on Industrial Boulevard.

When the officer's approached, they saw that Stanford was in the driver's seat and Jackson was the passenger in the vehicle. When asked for his license and proof of insurance, Stanford was unable to produce either. He was asked to step out of the car, and when he did, officers noted that they could smell alcohol coming from Stanford and that Stanford admitted he had "a few beers a couple hours earlier" but could not tell officers what time it was currently.

He agreed to take a breath test but according to reports, Stanford would not actually blow air into the straw. When confronted with this, he allegedly told officers that "his lungs would not let him," and although officers did note that Stanford had an inhaler, there was also a pack of cigarettes on his person at the time.

According to reports, Stanford also had a suspended license and possibly two warrants for his arrest.

Additionally, dispatch warned the officers that Stanford may also be using an alias.

The officers asked Jackson to give them the correct identity of the driver and she reportedly refused to cooperate with them.

Both Stanford and Jackson were arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center. He was charged with DUI and suspended license, she with obstructing a police officer.