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Tip of the Week - Oct. 16
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The cooler fall weather means it's time for yard sales. You can save a bundle by shopping at yard sales and, while I love the thrill of the hunt when it comes to other people's junk coupled with the opportunity to make new friends, I sure like this new wave of virtual yard sales. Did you know you can shop at yard sales from the comfort of your own computer? There are many local communities and counties with Facebook pages where people buy and sell all kinds of objects daily. The system is free and easy to use. Simply type in the words yard sale and whatever place you're looking for in the search bar on Facebook. For example: "Newton County Yard Sale." These Facebook pages are moderated by private individuals who make no claim to the condition or quality of the merchandise for sale on the page. Just like with real yard sales, it's up to the buyer to determine how much they are willing to pay for any item listed.

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