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Three arrested for brawling in ballpark
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Covington police responded to a report of a fight at the ball fields of the Turner Lake Complex.

When an officer arrived at the ball fields, he noticed a group of females quickly piling into a gray car and exiting the parking lot. One officer stopped the gray car while the other continued to investigate the ball fields.

The officer stopped a silver car with two other females in it. One of the females was breathing heavily. When the officer asked why she was breathing so hard, the female reportedly told the officer that she had been running on the trails.

When the officer asked what had happened on the ball fields, the female told the officer that some girls had been fighting, but that she had not.

When the officer asked the other girl in the silver car, Chassidy Ivey, 20, about the incident, Ivey stated that she had been attacked by another girl over her ex-boyfriend. She also stated that a male had tried to fight her.

Ivey stated that she only acted to defend herself. The officer noted that Ivey had dirt on her pants, a broken nail and had urinated on herself.

The officers who stopped the gray car before brought the car's occupants to the parking lot to speak with the first officer.

Anitra Johnson, 19, allegedly told the officer Ivey had been on Facebook threatening to beat her up. Johnson said she messaged Ivey that she was at the ball fields.

Johnson also stated that Darius Alexander, 20, wanted to fight Ivey, but Ivey and Johnson mutually agreed to just fight one another.

The officer noted that Johnson had a scratch on her chin and dried blood around her nostrils.

Two witnesses told the officer that Alexander got agitated during the fight and tried to get involved too. Ivey, Johnson and Alexander were all arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.