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The Georgia Kill-a-Watt Challenge
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The Governor's Energy Challenge has partnered with Georgia Public Library Services to offer Georgia residents an opportunity to measure the energy consumption of appliances throughout their home and to take steps to reduce their electricity consumption and lower their utility bills.

The Kill-a-Watt meter is compatible with any electrical outlet and is used to assess both the efficiency and the actual consumption of standard home appliances. The LCD display measures consumption by the Kilowatt-hour (just like your local utility). This meter can be used to estimate the cost of running each appliance for a day, week, month or year.

The Covington Branch of the Newton County library has a limited number of these devices which patrons may check out for a period of two weeks. Our patrons may place a ‘hold' on a meter either in person, by phone (770-787-3231), or via our web site (, utilizing their library card.

For more information about the Kill-a-Watt Challenge, go to