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Teacher, student save choking teen
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A Woodlee Christian Academy teacher and student are being hailed as heroes after saving a student's life after he started to choke on a snack.

History teacher Ashley Tamasi and eight grader DeAngelo Gibbs credit quick response and teamwork to saving eight-grade student Eric Goodman's life.

According to Patty Walden, an administrative assistant at Woodlee, Goodman was eating a Rice Krispy treat for his class-time snack when he began choking and gasping for air. Goodman then raised his hand for help.

Tamasi approached Goodman asking, "Can you breathe? Are you OK? Are you choking?" While sweating profusely and holding his throat, Goodman's only response was him shaking his head that yes he was choking.

Quickly Tamasi began yelling for help. Because Tamasi is so petite, she called on Gibbs to help with the Heimlich maneuver. Gibbs had no experience in performing the Heimlich maneuver, but Tamasi was able to show Gibbs the correct way to perform the Heimlich.

Gibbs was then able to performing the maneuver on Goodman. On his first try, Gibbs was able to dislodge the snack from Goodman's throat. In an instant, Goodman began gasping for air and thanked them for their help.