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Stop sign violation turns into drug bust
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What started out as a typical traffic stop ended up as a drug charge when deputies from the Newton County Sheriff’s Office stopped a vehicle that reportedly blew through a stop sign Wednesday night.

According to reports, the vehicle, driven by 25-year-old Jeremiah Vernon Tilson, failed to stop at the intersection of Big Woods and Dixie Road and deputies pulled the vehicle over. As deputies exited their patrol vehicle, Tilson reportedly opened his car door as well, but re-closed it when told him to do so. Deputies approached the vehicle on the passenger side and allegedly noticed multiple items on the floor and seats and fishing poles protruding from the passenger side front window.

Tilson was cooperative, according to reports, but when asked for his license he reportedly said, "I’ll be honest with you officer, my license are suspended." A check with dispatch verified this to be true.

He reportedly told deputies that he was on his way to see a friend but would not give them the friend’s complete name. He was asked to exit the vehicle and he complied, according to reports, but as the deputies spoke with him about the stop sign violation, he reportedly continued to place his hands in his pockets.

He removed his hands when told by deputies to do so and reportedly told them he had no weapons on him and that they could search him. In his front pocket, deputies allegedly discovered a knife. During the search Tilson allegedly kept moving around, attempting to place his hands back in his pockets. Deputies eventually placed handcuffs on him in order to safety search his pockets.

During the search, deputies reportedly located a baggie with a crystal substance in it in Tilson’s rear pocket. When deputies showed this to Tilson he reportedly said that it was rock salt, he then changed that to rock candy and allegedly said his son had given it to him earlier. At this point, Tilson was placed inside a patrol car.

While waiting for a wrecker service to retrieve Tilson’s vehicle, the deputies reportedly located a baggie between the center console and the passenger seat that allegedly contained suspected marijuana.

Tilson was transported to the Newton County Detention Center where he was charged with possession of methamphetamine, driving while license is suspended, stop sign violation and possession of marijuana less then one ounce.