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Stealing sister act at Walmart
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Two women, Jessica Lauren Catlett and Michelle Lee Catlett, were both arrested Tuesday evening at their jobs at the Salem Road Walmart.

Michelle was reportedly seen by another Walmart employee on Nov. 2 stealing $1,200 from a register that she was working on. The employee reported the incident to a supervisor, however Michelle never returned to work and was terminated, according to reports.

The other Catlett, Jessica, reportedly stole $1,100 from cash registers, beginning Oct. 2 when she allegedly took $100, then $200 on Oct. 18 at one time and $800 at another time that date. Video surveillance was available for these three incidents, according to reports. 

Both were charged with theft by taking.

Rule breakers
One person was arrested and a report was taken without any suspects at the Rainbow Homeless Shelter on Nov. 9 and 15.

On Nov. 9, officers from the Covington Police Department were called when a resident, later identified as Mark Perkins, showed up at the shelter and had been drinking, which is prohibited there, according to reports.

Perkins was asked to leave and reportedly got upset and began slamming doors and swearing. He got his belongings and left the shelter but, according to reports, came back to the shelter after putting his belongings on the street and continued yelling at employees.

Officers spoke with Perkins who allegedly admitted he had been asleep and gotten upset when the shelter employees woke him and told him that he had to leave.

He was transported to the Newton County Detention Center and cited for disorderly conduct.

Less than a week later officers were called again to the shelter after a resident reportedly had her purse stolen.

The woman reported that someone took her purse from her room when she left for breakfast. She told officers the purse was a black leather Gucci, valued at $100. Inside were several Social Security cards belonging to her children, her ID card, black and pink LA Ink wallet, valued at $12. She also had pain medication in her purse and a baggie with $2,000 worth of jewelry inside.

She did not know who took her purse, but said there were several other people in the room, one of whom had six children who could have easily hidden her purse inside their book bags.

A counterfeit exchange
A delivery driver received counterfeit money after dropping off food in a parking lot Thursday evening.

The driver went to deliver food on Highgrove Drive. The male who ordered had not given the driver a specific address, and was waiting outside and flagged the driver down. The man took the food and gave the driver a $20 bill before running off. According to the report, the driver knew immediately the money was fake and called his boss.

After bringing the money to his boss to mark it and make certain it was counterfeit, the driver went back to the location he had dropped the food off to wait for police. While waiting, a vehicle being driven by the man who had exchanged food for fake cash, left.

The delivery person was able to write down the tag number and, with the aid of Porterdale police, deputies from the NCSO were able to find the driver when he was stopped in Porterdale. The driver matching the description was taken back for a positive ID by the delivery man, and then transported to the Newton County Jail for forgery, disorderly conduct, giving false name, theft of services and obstruction.