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Man gets 5 years for restroom recordings in Cobb
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MARIETTA, Ga. (AP) — The Cobb County district attorney says a man is going to prison for secretly videotaping women in restrooms at two of his salons.

District Attorney Vic Reynolds said in an emailed statement Monday that a judge ruled 56-year-old Mark Allan Storch must serve five years in prison. The remaining 15 years of his 20-year sentence are to be served on probation.

The judge ruled that, during his probation, Storch can't have any type of video recording device, including a smartphone.

Reynolds said Storch pleaded guilty to 25 counts of invasion of privacy — one for each identified victim who was recorded without knowledge or consent in July 2012.

Prosecutors say Storch leased suites to beauty salon contractors and had installed cameras in various locations without the contractors' knowledge.