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GBI Child Fatality Review Unit releases suicide data

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Child Fatality Review Unit is releasing 2017 data on youth suicides.  So far in 2017, 18 children have reportedly taken their own lives in Georgia, with 14 occurring in the past two months. The majority of the suicides were committed with firearms, with hangings as the second most used method.

Prevention of youth suicides will continue to be a priority of the Georgia Child Fatality Review Panel in partnership with the Georgia Department of Education, Georgia Department of Public Health, and the Division of Family and Children Services. If someone exhibits signs of suicide, call the U.S. National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

The main goal of the Georgia Child Fatality Review program (GCFRP) is to prevent child deaths in Georgia.  The mission of GCFRP is to serve Georgia’s children by promoting more accurate identification and reporting of child fatalities, evaluating the prevalence and circumstances of both child abuse cases and child fatality investigations, and monitoring the implementation and impact of the statewide child injury prevention plan to prevent and reduce incidents of child abuse and fatalities in the state.  

This information is being released on behalf of Georgia’s Child Fatality Review Panel to raise awareness about suicide deaths of children under the age of 18.  More information regarding nationwide data on this subject can be found at