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Speaker sale leads to knife assault
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Police were called to a home on Washington Street early Thursday morning after two people reported being assaulted with a knife following a dispute.

According to reports, one of the victims said that just before 1 a.m. he answered a knock at his door and was immediately struck in the head and pushed back inside his home, allegedly by Dorothy M. Hailey and Billy Joe Hill. During the scuffle the victim was cut multiple times with a knife. Reports indicate that officers noticed cuts to the victim's right forearm, left leg (behind the knee), left side of his torso and back of the neck. He also had abrasions under his right arm, on his left thumb and on the top of his head.

The victim's roommate heard the commotion and came out of his room where he'd been watching television. When he did, he was allegedly grabbed by the top of the head and also cut on his left pinkie finger with a knife. He was able to close the door on the two and call 911 for help.

During the investigation, officers learned that a third person, 19-year-old Edward A. Hair, had purchased a speaker from one of the victims. As the day went on, Hair and the residents in the home were drinking and a discrepancy over the purchase of the speaker caused Hair to call his girlfriend to come and pick him up since the argument was turning ugly. When the girlfriend came to get him, she brought Hill and Hailey with her.

Hair's girlfriend reportedly told officers that she did not know that Hill and Hailey would do anything to the residents. She did, however, admit to officers that she knew the two had knives, a "flapjack," a tire tool and a hammer with them. She said she stayed in the vehicle while they went to the door.

During a search of the vehicle, officers found the "flapjack" in the back pocket of the driver side seat and a tire tool in between the front seats. A search of the area around the car yielded a wooden handle hammer which was laying roughly 10-feet from the vehicle.

Inside Hill's pockets officers reportedly found two knives and inside Hailey's purse they located a small bag of suspected marijuana and a brass pipe.

All three were arrested. Hair was charged with criminal damage to property, aggravated assault and probation violation, Hill was charged with criminal damage to property and aggravated assault and Hailey was charged with criminal damage to property, aggravated assault, possession of drug-related objects and possession of marijuana less than one ounce. All were transported to the Newton County Detention Center.