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Shot fired at local graduation party
Suspect said the music was too loud
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A local man was arrested Saturday night after firing a gun into a group of people at a graduation party.

Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to a home on Gallitin Drive by a mother who was hosting a graduation party for her daughter. The woman told officers that a man - later identified as John William Ford - came to the fence of her yard and told her that the music was too loud and she needed to turn it down. The woman reportedly told him that she was having a party and if he thought the music was too loud he should call the police.

According to reports, at that point Ford turned around, walked a few paces away, turned around and faced the group again, pulling a gun from behind his back. Ford then fired into the crowd. He missed the people but did strike an air conditioner unit. He then walked away into a wooded area, while party-goers (one of which was an off-duty officer from out of state) chased him and called 911 for help.

A perimeter was set up and one officer on his way to the home noticed a man matching Ford's description. He called for backup since it appeared Ford was still holding something - possibly a gun - in one of his hands, and the officers drew their weapons and ordered Ford to turn toward them and show them his hands. Although he complied in turning to them, he refused to show his hands at first, although he eventually complied with that order as well.

As Ford obeyed the officers commands and got to the ground, he continued saying "I've been trying to get ya'll to turn that music down and ya'll won't do it!" One officer attempted to place handcuffs on Ford and he reportedly tried to pull his hands down to where officers noticed a bulge in his back right pocket. The officer reached into that pocket and pulled out a pistol, tossing it out of Ford's reach.

Ford continued to fight with officers. In order to try and get him under control, an officer used his Taser to stun drive Ford in the kidney area. Ford then began complying with the officers orders, only saying that he had been "calling us to get them to turn the music down and he ‘handled it.'"

He was checked out by EMS and cleared to be transported to the Newton County Detention Center, where he was charged with aggravated assault, reckless conduct, pointing a pistol at another and obstruction. Officers also collected a .38 Special with four live rounds and one spent round in the cylinder.

Ford served two days in jail before being bonded out Monday afternoon.