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Scrappy senior prompts call to police
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Police were called to the Covington High Rise Monday afternoon after an argument between two of its senior residents threatened to turn physical.

When officers arrived, they spoke with a female resident of the High Rise, who reportedly told them she was in the office speaking with the manager when a male tenant walked into the office and said, "I’m in here to defend myself. I have the right to defend myself."

The woman allegedly told officers that the man had started walking closer to her as he was saying that, and was swinging his arms in an aggressive manner, with his hands in a fist. She reportedly told police that the man had behaved that way toward her once before, but she did not report it because "she is very afraid of him."

When officers spoke with the man, he reportedly admitted to walking into the manager’s office and interrupting the woman. He allegedly said it was because he thought she was talking about him to the manager.

Empty your pockets

A man was arrested Friday evening after he was caught with stolen items down his pants, according to reports from the Covington Police Department.

Police were called to Walmart on Industrial Boulevard and told that a man, later identified as Nakia Smith, was checking out with one item but had been seen by a loss prevention employee placing items down his pants in the automotive department.

Officers situated themselves at the front doors of the store as Smith was walking with the loss prevention employee toward the doors.

According to reports, when Smith saw the officers, he started running in the other direction, toward the grocery exit. He then bypassed that exit, and headed toward the pharmacy and the garden center exit, but was cut off by police before he could make it.

Located in Smith’s pants were an Aqua Dry towel, Tire Wet and BM Protectant. The total cost of the items was $15.48. The items were removed from Smith’s pants and returned to Walmart.

Smith was charged with theft by shoplifting and obstruction. He was transported to the Newton County Jail.