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Scout cookie crackdown crumbles in Villa Rica
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VILLA RICA, Ga. - After Girl Scout leaders said some of the younger girls feared being arrested during a February confrontation with police in Villa Rica at their cookie stand, another troop of Girl Scouts from the area decided to show their support for the officers.

Members of Troop 10442 visited the police station this week and surprised officers with plaques of appreciation, Girl Scout cookies and a scrapbook of thank you cards, the Times-Georgian of Carrollton reported.

The girls were taken on a tour of the facility and given sticker badges proclaiming them honorary Villa Rica police officers.

"Thank you guys for everything you do and I hope you don't get hurt doing your job. I love you," Timberlie Reese, 8, told the officers.

Their visit comes after Girl Scouts from Troop 7984, who had set up a stand at a Villa Rica strip mall, were told by a police officer to shut it down because they lacked a peddler's permit. Troop Leader Kathy Crook said at the time she was stunned, and the younger girls thought they would be hauled off to jail.

Troop Leader Angel Cook, who was with the group of girls who visited with police this week, said they saw publicity about the earlier controversy and wanted to recognize the police for what they do.

"We don't want people to think they're mean to Girl Scouts because they're not," she said.