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Science Fair winners

Newton County School System’s middle and high schools’ first place winners will move on to challenge students from Fayette, Henry, Griffin-Spalding, Butts, Pike, Lamar and Thomaston Upson county schools in the Regional Science Fair at Griffin RESA on Feb. 3.

“Science is extremely important in this modern age we live in,” Newton County Schools Superintendent Samantha Fuhrey said. “I am very proud of our county winners and wish them well in the Regional Science Fair. I know they will represent Newton County Schools well.”

Here is a list of all Newton County School System Science Fair winners along with their project titles:

Student                               School               Award                     Project

Ava Jane Teasley                Indian Creek       1st Place                  Preventing a Pain in the Butt 2.0

Anneston Curles                  Indian Creek       1st Place                  Horse Power

Mason Garrett                     Theme School    1st Place                  321 Splash Off

Jade Cofer                          Theme School       1st Place               The Brain Study: Do People Focus More on Words or Shapes

Elisha Graves                      Theme School       1st Place               Let There Be Light

Bryson Braswell & Ethan Watts Theme School 1st Place               Airsoft BB’s

Ameer Wells                        Clements               1st Place               Salt Salt & More Salt

Devin Goolsby                    Liberty                   1st Place               Chains vs Boosters

John Thompkins IV              Liberty                   1st Place              Take a Spin

Annaliese Siders                 Theme School       1st Place               Dogs or Cats?

Brazil Banks                        Theme School      1st Place               What Colors do Birds Respond to?

Stevie Wilson                      Theme School       1st Place               Food Plots and the Effects on Deer

Garrett Sorrow                     Theme School       1st Place               Solar Cell’s Output

Jack Atkinson                     Theme School       1st Place               Blood Flow in the Cardiovascular System

Blair Woodall & Lillian Fowler Theme School     1st Place              Tastefull Thinking

Brittany Ulmer                     Theme School       1st Place              Detective Water

Michaela Cole                     Indian Creek         1st Place               Stain, Stain, Go Away

Bethany Jones & Ellie Proffitt Indian Creek       1st Place               Make-Up Mystery

Megan Finch                       Cousins                 1st Place               Nail Power

Ken Nguyen                        Cousins                 1st Place               Paper Towels vs Hand Dryers

Avel Triana                          Clements                 1st Place             Which Greeting Transmits the Most Germs

Derrick Reid                         Liberty                  1st Place                Shots R Us

Gabriel Clark                       Clements               1st Place                No Pain No Gain

Wesley Hudgins                   Indian Creek         2nd Place               Is Distracted Driving Hurting You?

Taylor Crowe & Ansley Mealor  Indian Creek      2nd Place             Why am “Eye” so Dizzy?

Alex Brown &  Katlyn Williams  Indian Creek       2nd Place             Under Pressure

Payton Duffy & Cayla Hall    Clements              2nd Place              Can Music Give You Energy?

Courtney Hood                    Liberty                    2nd Place             The Smelly Bread

Haylee Reyes                      Cousins                  2nd Place             Are Fingerprints Inherited?

Ke’Ari Baughns                    Clements              2nd Place               Shoot Like  Mike

Sophia Hawley                    Theme School       2nd Place               Baking Essentials: What Sugar Can Do

Gage Knight                        Theme School         2nd Place            Eggciting Experiment

Brendan Amman & Noah Garner  Theme School  2nd Place            Heat Absorption/Loss in Primary Colors

Sam Dage                          Theme School       2nd Place              Veggie Wash vs Tap Water

Lani Daniel                          Cousins                  2nd Place               Candle Race

Elaina Smith                        Cousins                  2nd Place              How to Build a Better Battery

Ansley White                        Indian Creek         2nd Place              Can you Remember This?

Sydney Meeler                     Indian Creek         2nd Place               Lend Me Your Ears and I’ll Sing You a Song

Ivey Piper & McKenna Walker   Indian Creek      2nd Place              What Do You Notice?

Kingsley Dozier                   Indian Creek           2nd Place              A Hair Raising Experience

Logan Putnam                     Indian Creek           2nd Place              Rocket Propulsion

Gideon Adams & Markail Smith  Clements         2nd Place             Germ Knockout

Wesley Reynolds                Liberty                    2nd Place              Sky High: Which Rocket Goes Higher?

Kaitlyn O’Brien                    Theme School       2nd Place              Can You Remember?

Savannah Porter                  Cousins                 2nd Place              Which Egg Makes Better Rubber Eggs?

Sarah Faulkner                    Clements               2nd Place              Can You Save Your Food in 5 Seconds?

Ryan Hurst, Michael Poole & Trace Harper  Indian Creek  2nd Place  Bacterial Growth

Laurynn Scurlock                 Indian Creek          3rd Place              Psych: Food and Mood

Abigail Ramsey                    Indian Creek          3rd Place              1,2,3,…Phalange

Miranda Litkea, Katlyn Chittum & Allison Aguilera   Indian Creek   3rd Place    The Spotlight on Goldfish

Madison Graham &  Tiana Hoff   Indian Creek   3rd Place                Good Cop, Bad Cop

Mozelie Olague                     Indian Creek        3rd Place               Do Fears Change with Gender?

Julia Towns & Taylor Thomas   Indian Creek       3rd Place              Dream On

Caroline Piper                     Indian Creek           3rd Place             Is Your Labrador Retriever as Smart as You Think

Ryan Harris, Michael Watson & Rick Watson    Indian Creek   3rd Place    Surfing on Soap

Lucas Harper                       Indian Creek          3rd Place              Polar Opposites

Christopher Gomes                Indian Creek       3rd Place               The Original I-Cloud

Caroline Culbertson                Cousins               3rd Place             What Cools Soda Faster?

Zoie Kuhn                           Cousins                 3rd Place              Paper Plate Hovercraft

Malaya Yamaski                  Cousins                 3rd Place              Pouring 6 Sodas at Once

Olivia Smith                        Cousins                 3rd Place              Perpetual Motion: Fact or Fiction?

Onaje McConico & Sebri Barton    Cousins       3rd Place               Bacteria in Makeup or NAHH?

Jordan Spigner                   Cousins                 3rd Place              How Salty does Water Have to be for an Egg to Float?

Claudia Shepphard & Shannell Mapp    Clements    3rd Place         Can You Hear Me Now?

Kelvin Suthenland                Clements               3rd Place               Pinnochio Knows

Jainaba Drammeh               Clements                3rd Place              Measuring the Speed of Light with a Microwave

Ke’Ziah Johnson                 Clements               3rd Place              Do Twins Really Think Alike?

Antonio Harper & Darrien Walker    Clements    3rd Place                Fly Fly Fly Away

Shaylee Anderson               Cousins                 3rd Place              Which Dark Soda is Better?

Anaia Mayner                      Cousins                 3rd Place              Dog Toys: Friend or Foe?

Tristan Ellis                         Cousins                 3rd Place              What Amount of Baking Soda and Vinegar Cleans the Best?

Aric Reed                            Cousins                 3rd Place              Paper Plate Hovercraft  

Senior Division

Kacie Gartner                      Newton                  1st Place               Stormy Weather

Asja Jackson & Sha-rah Ziyad    Alcovy            1st Place               How Fast Can the Average Person Speak with Accuracy?

Alyssa Cheeyohng & Imoai Mapp    Newton      1st Place               Natural vs Chemical

Kai Thomas, Nique Knighton & Alyssa Norton   Newton   1st Place    Green House Mobile

Luke Campbell & Carnacion Cosby   Alcovy      1st Place               Alkalinity Affinity

Johnathan Hyman & Israel Humphrey    Newton    2nd Place           Faces of all the Races

Taylor Underwood                Newton                 2nd Place              Texting vs Talking   

Sabine Warrington               Alcovy                   2nd Place             Plants Drinking Coffee

Jaylen Simons                    Newton                  2nd Place              The More the Berrier

Joshua Young & Marlin Avery    Alcovy            2nd Place              Cricket Breeding

Danielle Mitchell                   Alcovy                 3rd Place              Styrofoam vs Bubblewrap

Talona Fanning & Sabrina Torres    Alcovy        3rd Place              Cookie Encounter

Kristen Gibson                     Alcovy                 3rd Place              Which Soil Grows Best?