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Schools looks to save on transportation
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If approved, the school system's transportation department could save hundreds of thousands of dollars by partnering with a company that would bring a parts store to them and stock it with Newton County's needs in mind.

Integrated Business Solutions (IBS) works with NAPA Auto Parts to tailor an in-shop store that fits the needs of the school system. Even with 250 programs like this running nationally - including some with other school systems, none is exactly alike. The program would run throughout the rest of the year in Newton County and is also available to continue for several years should the board choose.

According to Tony C. McSwain, IBS specialist and Brad Crawford, sales manager, the program is designed to (mainly) do three things: reduce inventory and investment, lower transition costs and increase the shop's productivity.

To do that, the program would place the burden of inventory shrinkage squarely on its own shoulders and being providing that immediately. They would also handle all the paperwork and integrate their computer software with the system's to make everything run seamlessly. There would also be a person on-site to deal with all the parts issues and if a part was not available in inventory, that person would be able to run out and get it, relieving that duty from the mechanics.

"We basically put a NAPA store on site and operate that customized to fit your needs," they explained during a presentation. "...We want to be your business partner. When we are in there you are our only customer."

According to the presentation, neighboring DeKalb County saved $300,000 in the first year of implementing the program in its transportation department.