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Report: Rock throwing led to stabbing
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Two juveniles were charged with affray late Monday night, after one reportedly stabbed the other during a fight.

Officers from the Covington Police Department were initially called to a home on Blackwell Street because of reports that kids were throwing rocks at the home.

When they arrived they were asked for an ambulance, and told a juvenile boy had a stab wound.

The juvenile who was stabbed reportedly told officers that another juvenile called Little T had stabbed him following an argument. He said that when he turned away, Little T stabbed him.

Little T’s mother allegedly told officers that the stabbed juvenile, and others, were throwing rocks at her house. Little T reportedly told the officers that he heard the juveniles wanted to fight him, so he went outside.

He said he saw the other juvenile (who was stabbed) raise a knife and try to cut him in the neck/throat area, which is when he grabbed the knife to keep from getting cut. He twisted the other juvenile’s arm around, he said, which is when the juvenile stabbing victim was cut.

When officers went to the stabbed juvenile, he reportedly admitted to pulling the knife in "self-defense" and apologized for lying to officers.

He was taken to Newton Medical for stitches; Little T was taken to the Covington Police Department to make a statement, and then released to his mother. Both boys were charged with affray.

Repossession altercation

Officers are investigating an incident in which two people reportedly attacked a tow-truck operator who was attempting to repossess their vehicle late Monday night.

Officers were called to America’s Best Value Inn, where witnesses said there was a group of people fighting in the parking lot. Once officers calmed everyone down, they spoke with a witness, who reportedly told them he had been dropping an employee off when he saw Stacy and Dylan Spence "beating the tow-truck owner… on the ground."

When they spoke with the tow-truck driver, identified as Robert Freeman, he allegedly told officers that he had a repossession order for Stacy Spence’s vehicle, and when he was hooking it to his wrecker, Robert and Dylan Spence attacked him, and Lisa Spence got into the vehicle and refused to get out.

Three other people were assisting Freeman, according to reports, and attempted to break up the altercation.

Stacy Spence reportedly told officers that she was trying to get things out of the vehicle when Freeman attacked her, and that her son Dylan Spence reportedly told officers that he was trying to get someone off his father and was struck as well. Lisa Spence also told officers someone had struck her.

Officers were unable to get copies of a video from a camera that was pointed at the area of the altercation at that time. The investigation is ongoing.