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Racial slurs written on a womans car
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A woman said someone wrote a racial slur on her vehicle some time between Friday night and Saturday morning. According to a report from the Newton County Sheriff's Office, someone walked onto a property at Trotters Court and wrote three words on the rear windshield of the woman's 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis with white shoe polish or soap.

The woman said her son-in-law used her vehicle to go to Kroger on Salem Road at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday. A deputy spoke with the son-in-law who said he saw something on the rear window but could not make it out until he got to Kroger.
The son-in-law said once he saw the writing on the rear windshield, he took a paper towel from the car and quickly erased the words. When he returned to his mother-in-laws residence, he looked on the computer at their camera system. According to the report, the video showed a white male exit the passenger side of a mid-sized vehicle that stopped at the stop sign.

The unknown male came up to the driveway and wrote something on the vehicles rear window and then left. The man was described as having a slim build and was wearing shorts and a white T-shirt with a design on it. According to the report, several other similar cases have been reported on Gibson Drive.

Woman punched in the face and arrested for criminal trespassing
A Covington woman said she was hit in the face by a neighbor while walking her dogs on Sunday night. A deputy with the Newton County Sheriff's Department responded to a call about an argument at 10921 Ga. Highway 36. When the deputy arrived, he was flagged down by Cheryl Watson who was wearing a pink bath robe and had blood on her face. Watson said a neighbor was taking photos of her walking her dogs.

She said she asked her neighbor to come over and she thought she was going to give her a hug, but instead punched her. Watson said she refused to fight back. Police spoke with the neighbor. She said she was taking photos of Watson because she was walking her dogs without a leash in her robe. The neighbor said Watson has been warned about walking her dogs on the property at night by management. The neighbor said Cheryl became upset and approached her in her yard.

The neighbor said Watson threw a punch and she moved out the way and started to defend herself. The deputy said Watson had swelling and a cut above her left eye and blood on her nose. The neighbor had swelling on her hand. EMS checked both parties.

The deputy spoke with another neighbor who said Watson came onto their neighbor's yard and he dialed 911. He said while he was on the phone with 911, Watson tried to punch the other woman. Watson was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing.