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Quit hating
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A woman called police to report that someone had shattered her glass table Saturday. The woman said she received a glass-topped table from a friend a few days earlier and that she left it sitting in her back yard.

She left her home for several hours and when she returned, the glass was broken out of the table. She reportedly told officers that “someone down the street” was responsible, though said she didn’t know what house that person lived in.

When asked why anyone would want to destroy her property, she allegedly said, “everybody is hating on me,” and told the officer that they were “hating” on her because they think “she is the police.” Officers took note of the damage to the shattered table.

An odd way to give thanks
A woman giving her ex-boyfriend a ride is likely rethinking her good deed, after he reportedly beat her and damaged her car.

Officers were called to the Pure Station on Washington Street Sunday afternoon after someone called 911 to report a fight. When they arrived they spoke with the victim who said she had agreed to give her ex-boyfriend Martinez McGinty a ride to his mother’s house in Porterdale. The two got into an argument on the way to Porterdale and the victim said McGinty hit her .

She said that she stopped at the gas station and told McGinty she was calling 911, which is when he reportedly snatched his phone from her hand, broke the ignition key off in her car, broke her windshield and started hitting her with a closed fist.

She said that McGinty’s mother came and picked him up from the Pure Station.

Warrants were issued for McGinty on charges of simple battery, obstructing a 911 call and criminal damage to property.