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Political campaign signs stolen
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Georgia State House District 112 candidate Ester Fleming reported stolen campaign signs to the Newton County Sheriff’s Office recently.

According to reports, deputies were advised the sign, one of three taken, was stolen over Saturday night. Reports said whoever took the sign cut it off its two posts at the edges with a razor blade.

Fight on school bus
A fight between two middle school students broke out on a school bus Monday morning.

When police arrived, the two students had already been separated with the fight under control. According to reports, the first subject said when he got on the bus and went to take his seat, the other juvenile male “jumped him.” The officer said he still seemed upset and looked like he felt as though he was a victim.

Another officer was talking to the subject, believed to have started the fight, who, according to reports, said over the weekend the victim and three other boys jumped him. Reports said the subject decided that he would fight one on one when he saw the victim get on the bus.

There was no visible injuries and both students were taken to school on separate buses.

Pizza problems
A pizza delivery person dropped off dinner to a juvenile, who asked him if he had change for a $50 bill.

According to reports, the delivery man said he did and they boy took the pizza and acted like he was going to get change from his mother. However, the pizza man waited and the boy never returned. Upon returning to the store, the pizza store owner contacted police.

Silver scam

A Covington man told police he bought phony silver bars on Craigslist.

According to reports, the man met with CPD Saturday saying he bought some silver bars from a man he met on Craigslist. The complainant reported he first met the suspect on the square in Covington, and then met him at a gas station on Hwy. 36 and 212 to buy more bars of silver.

The complainant later had the pieces of silver tested, and they came back negative for silver. The complainant reportedly contacted the seller and was refused a refund for his money.