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Person shot on Lakeview Drive
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A Covington man was shot in the hip and his right arm from a gunshot wound at 7223 Lakeview Drive was flown to an Atlanta hospital early Wednesday morning.

Covington Police responded to a shooting call at 1 a.m. Wednesday and were advised that someone ran out of the back door of the location.

Arriving on the scene, CPD made contact with the victim and set up a perimeter around the area. An officer then saw two females walking on Lakeview Drive toward the scene. According to reports an officer noticed one of the females was upset. The witness then said she knew who the shooter was but only by first name. She showed the CPD his Facebook page.

As the officer was trying to capture a picture of the suspect, at that time known as Derrel, he saw a black male walking toward him. The officer noticed the approaching male matched the person he was looking at on Facebook.

The man, Derrel Tory was placed in handcuffs.

According to reports, Tory told CPD he was inside the house when a fight brought out and he showed his gun, a semi-automatic 9 mm, in attempt to get the other person to leave.

“The two of them begun fighting resulting in the gun going off,” Tory told CPD. He also stated that the victim gained control of the gun and he ran out of the house.

Tory was charged with aggravated assault. According to CPD’s Craig Treadwell the victim will have pending charges.