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Parents complain about Obama cookies
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Several parents have complained about Barack Obama cookies being served at Alcovy High School following the presidential election Tuesday. Although cookies were served, they were not exclusively Obama cookies.

In an email to The News, one parent said, "This is a double standard that we need to fix. If Romney had won the election, there would be no Romney cookies. These had to be pre-ordered and made because they were served the day after the election."

Other parents have complained to the Newton County School System.

According to an email from Jan Loomans, Director of Operational Services, all schools served a package of cookies to students receiving a reimbursable lunch on Election Day. The cookies featured the faces of all presidents.

"The outside of the package included pictures with the names George Washington, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. So yes, we did serve cookies that might have had an image of President Obama on some of the cookies in the package along with other former presidents. We did not serve only President Obama cookies to the students. If a school had cookies leftover yesterday, they may be selling them as an a la carte item."