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Ozburn honored
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Newton County Superior Court Judge Samuel Ozburn has been named recipient of the prestigious Justice Robert Benham Award for Community Service by the Georgia Bar Association.


According to Buck Levins, Newton County assistant district attorney and present of the Newton County Bar Association, the Benham Award honors judges and lawyers who excel in community service and volunteerism.


As part of the criteria for nomination of the 12th annual award, Ozburn had to be a member in good standing with the bar (he has been a member since 1976); provide a list of community organizations where is and has been an active participant (Kiwanis, 30 years; Salvation Army in Newton County, founding member and involved for 29 years; he is also a judicial sponsor of the Mock Trial program active in all three high schools and an active member of his church). Ozburn was nominated by Levins, as well as local attorney John Strauss, the Kiwanis Club, his pastor and the Salvation Army.


He will receive the award on Feb. 12 at the state bar headquarters.