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One Tank Trips: The Renaissance Festival
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A short drive South down Interstate 85 can become a time machine to take you back to the age of knights in armor, chivalry and swordplay. The annual Georgia Renaissance Festival has returned to Fairburn.

Hearkening back to a bygone age, the Festival features shows, rides, shops and food all presented in a distinctly middle ages style. Workers are fully adorned in classic looks, and King Henry proudly presides over the proceedings.

The Festival offers attractions and enjoyment for the whole family. Children will enjoy the jousts, the hypnotist, birds of prey show and the mud show, and will delight in seeing workers and guests alike strolling around in their finest gear. Other attractions, such as the Barely Balanced Acrobatic Show, will dazzle adults and children alike. Adults will enjoy the comedy show presented by the Tortuga Twins (A warning to the parents - their PG show runs closer to PG-13, and when they say their last show of the day is rated R, they mean it) and shopping.

The shows are free with entry, but some attractions, such as the giant maze and the swinging ships, cost an extra fee, usually no more than $3 per person.

Food of any type is available, from common fare such as hamburgers, hotdogs and ice cream, to exotic dishes such as fried alligator, with special mention going to the jumbo turkey legs on a stick and chocolate-covered bacon. Each food shack offers something different, so be sure to look around.

Dozens of vendors have also set up shop, selling everything from herbal teas to jewelry to authentic swords. Most accept debit or credit, but as a rule, carrying cash is the surefire way to get whatever your heart desires. Many own shops in the Atlanta area, so don't despair if you have to leave without your prize of choice.

As a final word of warning, be wary of the saucy kissing wenches - stray across their path and you'll wind up with a lip print across your cheek.