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NMC fails a recent health inspection
Health violations of Newton Medical Center as listed on the state of Georgia's Board of Health website.

A recent health inspection of the Newton Medical Center resulted in failing marks for the county’s local hospital.

NMC received a 56 on its Dec. 15 health score with 11 violations, according to the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Those violations include hands washed, food in good conditions, such as dented cans, as reported by WSBTV, proper holding temperatures and proper dates marked on food. According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, the violation of hands clean is a known risk factor for foodborne illness.

Other violations included contamination prevented during food preparation, storage display, food and nonfood-contact surfaces cleanable, properly designed and used and food-contact surfaces cleaned and sanitized.

Due to its failing grade, the hospital underwent a follow-up inspection a week later, and met with a much better result.
The Dec. 28 inspection of NMC resulted in a score of an 89.

According to a statement from NMC, the hospital made several changes, including improvements to existing structures. 

The hospital expanded the sneeze guard on its salad bar to include the two ends, along with the serving sides. An additional employee hand washing station was added as well. 

"As soon as we learned about these new regulations, we responded immediately by installing the new equipment," the statement said.

The lone violation from the Dec. 28 inspection was a proper cooling time and temperature violation.

"We are confident in the safety and quality of the food we serve our patients, their families and our employees," added the statement. "We take these reports and requirements very seriously."

The failing health score came around a week after layoffs were announced at NMC. The staff reductions affected 2.8 percent of the hospital's workforce, or 23 employees in various departments, with a majority being part-time.