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Newton County Sentencings - Jan. 11
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Ronald Anderson, simple battery, 12 months probation, $500. Criminal trespass, 12 months probation consecutive to count one, $500. No contact with victim, pay restitution.

Marlene T. Francois, theft by taking, false swearing, continued.

Jemarcus R. Kemp, armed robbery, attempt to violation Georgia Controlled Substance Act, possession of firearm during commission of felony, bond denied.

Jerrod R. Jenkins, violation of probation, balance revoked.

Stacie Y. Belcher, violation of probation, revoke two years suspended on transfer to a residential substance abuse program. Violation of probation, continued on probation. Violation of probation, continue of probation. Violation of probation, balance revoked to Newton County Jail, suspended of transfer to RSAT program.

Damen C. Cantrell, reckless conduct, 12 months probation, $500. Discharge a firearm under the influence. 12 months probation consecutive, $500. Underage possession of alcohol, 12 months probation concurrent, $200. Stay away order.

Grady A. Jackson, possession of firearm by convicted felon, five years probation, 90 days Newton County Jail, $1,000.

Gabriel B. Mathis, deposit account fraud, two years probation, 30 days Newton County Jail, $1,000.
Travalis Cost, violation of probation, revoke one year to prison.

Allison N. Daniel, violation of probation, 120-180 days detention center.

Eugene Branch, conversion of payments, nolle pross. Conversion of payments, nolle pross. Conversion of payments, five years probation, $1,000. Conversion of payments, five years probation concurrent, $1,000. Banished from Newton County, stay away order.

Simothy Stovall, violation of probation, 60 days Newton County Jail.

Peter Nacarato Jr., distribution of marijuana, three years probation, one year confinement, $1,000. Distribution of sex material, three years probation consecutive. Distribution of material, three years probation consecutive. First offender treatment.