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Newton County Jail Log - Aug. 28
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Waylon Lee Addison, 29, McDonough, Aug. 9. Two counts probation violation, possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Ronald Lee Allenbaugh, 50, Jonesboro, Aug. 8. Contempt of court.

Gerica Bernard Anderson Jr., 18, 7165 Pineneedle Drive, Covington, Aug. 13. Back for court witness.

Rodney Eugene Bates, 38, Madison, Aug. 7. Probation violation.

Thomas Albert Beal, 47, 9 Laurel St., Porterdale, Aug. 13. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Roy Eugene Bell, 50, 45 Oak Landing, Covington, Aug. 13. Probation violation.

Bryant Leon Blackstock, 22, Social Circle, Aug. 8. Court sentenced to work release.

Willie Adam Blackwell, 23, 4133 Odum St., Covington, Aug. 10. Court sentenced to 90 days.

Ricky Lee Brown, 50, 255 Countryside Lane, Covington, Aug. 13. Court sentenced, violation of probation.

Daniel Alston Cargile, 35, 218 Robin Hood Road, Covington, Aug. 13. Family Violence Act, criminal trespass.

Tyderris Olander Cash, 22, Decatur, Aug. 13. Burglary.

Joe Ike Crosby, 45, 70 Middleton Drive, Covington, Aug. 10. Reckless conduct surety offense, criminal trespass surety offense, aggravated battery, discharge of gun or pistol near public highway or street.

James Brent Cumbie, 42, Conyers, Aug. 7. Probation violation.

Patricia Anne Daniel, 47, Augusta, Aug. 10. No proof of insurance, registration and license requirements.

Beverly Jean Darnell, 60, Forest Park, Aug. 9. Probation violation.

Jessica Maria Davis, 27, 897 Alcovy Trestle Road, Covington, Aug. 13. Child support default.

Joseph Drew Davis, 41, 123 North Porter St., Newborn, Aug. 13. Hold for Cherokee County.

Kirk Davis Dearing, 38, Atlanta, Aug. 10. First degree burglary.

Jeffrey John Dundas, 25, Conyers, Aug. 12. Hold for probation.

Eduardo Fuentes, 22, 15 Butterfly Way, Covington, Aug. 8. Trafficking in methamphetamine.

James Morgan Fuqua Jr., 27, 4181 King St., Covington, Aug. 7. Probation violation.

Jamaes William Galvan, 24, 18 Elm St., Porterdale, Aug. 13. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Michelle Marie Griffin, 33, Thomaston, Aug. 8. Contempt of court, child support.

Gary Paul Gunnyon, 58, 485 Loyd Road, Newborn, Aug. 9. Court sentenced.

Mark Anthony Hyatt, 44, 6235 Crestview Drive, Covington, Aug. 12. Probation violation.

Gary Jackson, 50, Atlanta, Aug. 12. Probation violation.

Justin Vaughn James, 21, 30 Pope Trail, Covington, Aug. 13. Burglary, second degree, entering auto.

William Eugene Johnson, 46, 50 Kinnett Road, Covington, Aug. 8. Back for court witness.

Rasheen Tramell Jones, 33, College Park, Aug. 13. Fraudulent telephone solicitation, impersonating a public officer or employee (police officer).

Mark Anthony Knowles, 51, Rutledge, Aug. 9. Probation violation.

Jason Charles Lackey, 34, 3140 Hubert Drive, Newborn, Aug. 8. Probation violation, contempt of court, child support.

Mario Amil Mitchell, 23, homeless, Oxford, Aug. 12. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, disorderly conduct.

Ashley Rae Notae, 28, 7102 Pineneedle Drive, Covington, Aug. 9. Theft by taking, probation violation.

Ginger Marie Parks, 25, Decatur, Aug. 7. Probation violation.

Mario Quinchez Partee, 25, 20 Belmont Trail, Covington, Aug. 9. Criminal trespass, battery.

Johnny Penn, 59, Conyers, Aug. 7. Child support default.

Jonathan David Powell, 38, 150 Harwell Road, Covington, Aug. 13. Family Violence Act, battery.

Jeffrey Dalton Roberts. 20, 3595 Stone Lea Drive, Oxford, Aug. 13. Probation violation.

David Gabriel Scott, 31, 320 Creek Side Trail, Covington, Aug. 13. Probation violation.

Jeremy Shane Smith, 33, 326 First St., Covington, Aug. 12. Superior court bench warrant.

Joshua Joel Tate, 27, Social Circle, Aug. 12. Probation violation.

Robert Marshall Tate Jr., 29, Loganville, Aug. 7. Contempt of court.

Joshua Brian Thompson, 20, Conyers, Aug. 7. Leaving the scene of accident, driving without a license, no license on file.

Jeremy Cordon Tucker, 24, 7210 Pine Needle Drive, Covington, Aug. 7. Probation violation.

Tamorris Dtron Tyler, 22, Conyers, Aug. 9. Parole violation.

Steven Michael Warriner, 20, Stone Mountain, Aug. 10. Two counts probation violation.

Justin Scott Waters, 21, Snellville, Aug. 9. Probation violation.

Gerald Craig Weatherford, 26, 12830 Alcovy Road, Covington, Aug. 12. Probation violation, theft by taking auto, aggravated assault on an officer, fleeing or attempting to elude police officer, reckless driving, driving without license.

Tillman Weaver, 34, 135 Plum Orchard Road, Covington, Aug. 8. Probation violation.

Quinata Antawn Wise, 38, Conyers, Aug. 12. Court sentenced.

Charity Hope Young, 23, Morrow, Aug. 10. Theft by shoplifting second offense, criminal trespass, giving false name or address to law enforcement officer.

Shannon Ashley Young, 34, Stone Mountain, Aug. 7. Probation violation.

John Leslie Adams, 34, Columbia, S.C., Aug. 10. Improper lane usage, DUI.

Steven Anthony Allen, 38, 33 Hazel St., Porterdale, Aug. 7. Back for court.

Kevin Dwayne Ashby, 49, 8155 Brown Bridge Road, Covington, Aug. 10. Disorderly conduct.

Robert David Austin, 33, 12145 Ga. Highway 36, lot 15, Covington, Aug. 10. Possession, manufacture, distribution of controlled substance, driving while license suspended, battery.

Sammy Wayne Banks, 40, Paducah, Ky., Aug. 10. Abandonment of dependent child.

Rita Faye Barnes, 46, Social Circle, Aug. 11. DUI less safe, duty to report accident.

Dixie Ann Buice, 36, 1774 Apt. A, Kirkland Road, Covington, Aug. 8. Contempt of court.

Nolen Butler, 50, 6152 Johnson Road, Covington, Aug. 9. Possession of marijuana.

Carelius Dmarco Davidson, 32, 5114 Bede Drive, Covington, Aug. 8. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, public drunkenness, disorderly conduct.

Christie Lee Delancey, 27, 322 First St., Covington, Aug. 12. Theft by shoplifting.

Felicia Fawn Demps, 49, 110 Greenfield Way, Covington, Aug. 9. Family Violence Act battery, third degree cruelty to children.

Reinaldo Diaz Jr., 27, 185 Ballground Road, Covington, Aug. 8. Stop signs and yield signs, driving with license suspended.

Leah Sarahyah Ellicck, 41, 115 Havenwood Lane, Covington, Aug. 7. Criminal trespass.

Reishaun Corod Garner, 17, 10 Tara Way, Covington, Aug. 11. Possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.