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Newborn cleans up
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When a tornado packing 105 mph wind ripped through Newborn on April 28, it left a wake of destruction.
Thanks to cleanup volunteers, Newborn has rebounded.

"You wouldn't be able to tell that the storm came through," Mayor Roger Sheridan said.
Wednesday was the last day that Newton County Public Works trucks were in town to help in the cleanup process.
"They are finishing up what is left," said Jody Nolan, deputy director of Newton County Emergency/Risk Management.
Roads, driveways, and yards have been cleared of fallen trees and debris tossed by the wind. Roofs have been repaired and power, cable and Internet connections have been restored. The debris scattered by the storm covered 18,000 cubic yards.
"That's just what Newborn would be responsible for," Nolan said.
Newborn is facing $125,000 in cleanup costs, Nolan said. Newton County's cost as a whole is estimated to be about $150,000.
"Newborn was definitely the epicenter of the storm," Nolan said.
Help with the cleanup process in Newborn came from many different groups, including Newborn Public Works, Hays Tractor & Equipment, local fire departments, and the American Red Cross, Nolan said. Newborn is also eligible for help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
FEMA will reimburse up to 75 percent of the cost for debris removal and disposal through the Public Assistance Grant Program. An additional 10 percent to 15 percent could come from the Georgia Emergency Management Agency.
That leaves 10 percent to 15 percent of the costs to local governments, Nolan said.