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Newborn celebrates its big history

Honoring the town's historic roots, citizens of Newborn gathered at the town’s old school house for their first inaugural community fall festival.

This event was filled with arts and crafts, live music, and a photo booth; they even had special guest reenactment of Dolly Burge — a historical figure during the civil war era who kept an account of soldiers who travelled through Newborn during the civil war.

As the live blue grass band played in the background one of the festival coordinator’s Linda Woodsworth, took me on a tour of the old school house building.

Originally built out of the brick in the late 1800s. The new—old school house has been in existence since 1924. Today the building serves as the community center. Open for rental throughout the year, this school has seen the best and the worst.

While the outside of the school house was decorated with hay stack and pumpkins. The inside was aligned with different vendors selling their homemade goods. One booth in particular had face painting. A young boy by the name of Tristen Spieth went and had a spider painted on his face.

As children were running in and out of the old school house guest were greeted by another civil war character General Lee. All dressed up in traditional 1,800 military paraphernalia General Lee quoted the famous line “then there is nothing left me but to go see General Grant, and I would rather die a thousand deaths.”

The dining hall—where the featured spaghetti dinner was taking place was filled with a robust aroma. Fresh basked desserts and mouthwatering meatballs toppled the spaghetti platters. Guest sat around the tables as volunteers served the guest the meals.

In speaking with one of the volunteers who also council woman Martha Ellwanger—mother of Mayor Ellwanger shared her feelings on the day's events, she shared "I enjoyed the community , seeing people come and enjoy and share a meal together ... There is wonderful spirit of serving for the community ."

As it was getting dark many families were still inside. In looking around many couples sat around the stage continuing in their listening of the blue grass music. Today Newborn proved that although they are a small town with a small population, they have big hearts and an even greater history.