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NCSS SAT scores up, still below state

Newton County School System students showed an improvement in SAT scores in 2014 compared to the previous year.

According to results released Tuesday, system reading scores were up four points (458 total) math seven (442 total) and writing eight (446 total).

“It is fantastic news that our SAT scores have improved across the board,” Samantha Fuhrey, Superintendent of Newton County Schools said. “We are working diligently to create a college-going environment beginning in our elementary schools. It’s important that we start the conversation about life after graduation as early as possible; waiting until high school is too late! Impacting students’ performance on college entrance exams requires a team effort that begins in our elementary schools and continues through middle and high school. Parent support and engagement throughout a child’s education plays a significant role as well.”

On a school level, Alcovy and Eastside High schools showed improvements in all three areas: Alcovy had an eight-point improvement in reading (443), five-point in math (424) and six-point in writing (431); and Eastside was up 11 points in math (468), four in writing (470) and three in reading (482).

Newton High School showed a 15-point improvement in writing (441) and three in math (438), while dipping one point in reading (452).

Newton High School also had a 23-student increase in test takers form 2013 (up to 173), while Alcovy was down 30 (219) and Eastside two (184).

NCSS’s numbers were in contrast to state and national scores, which had a decrease from the previous year.

Georgia’s writing scores were down three points to 472, math down two to 485 and reading down two to 488.

Nationally, reading scores were up one to 497, math down one to 513 and writing down one to 487.

Overall, NCSS’s scores were lower across the board than both state and national numbers.

Alcovy’s composite score (1298)was 147 points below the state and 199 below national, Eastside’s (1420) was 25 below the state and 77 below national and Newton (1346) 114 below state and 166 below national.

“While our scores are not where we wish for them to be, it’s important to recognize that in a time when the state and national scores declined, our students’ scores increased significantly,” Fuhrey said. “We still have a great deal of work to do to ensure that we prepare our students to take college entrance exams and score at or above the state and national averages.”