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NCSO warns of warrant scam
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A Newton County woman was the victim of a scam by a man posing as a Newton County Sheriff’s deputy.
According to reports, the woman said a man identifying himself as Lt. Sims contacted her, saying he was with the Newton County Warrants Division. The phone number from the call came back on the victim’s caller I.D. as “Newton County.”

The man, reportedly, told her she had missed court with Judge Ozburn on May 14 and had to pay fines and restitution in the amount of $349.

The suspect instructed the woman to get a prepaid card for the amount and use the scratch off number on the back of the card to give him the funds. The victim was given a different phone number than the one she was originally called from.

Deputies instructed the woman not to have any further contact with the suspect.

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office is asking the citizens of Newton County to be aware of a telephone scam working its way through the county and the surrounding areas.

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office has taken several reports of a telephone scam in which the caller states he is a member of the Sheriff’s Office and may also give a name and rank. Some of the names given by the caller are actual names of either present or former employees of the Sheriff’s Office.

During the call the caller advises that there is a warrant out on the victim for various reasons or money owed for unpaid fines and even unpaid taxes.

Victim’s caller ID’s have shown the Sheriff’s Office main line number and other Newton County numbers.

The NCSO said, in a press release, ii will not call and ask for fees or fines over the telephone, nor will we ask citizens to purchase a money card of any type to pay these fees or fines. If this occurs, it is fraudulent activity.

There has already been several victims to send these criminals money and or banking information. NCSO

Investigator Jeff Alexander estimated approximately 8-10 of these cases have occurred in the month of May.

The NCSO advises to not send any money or give out banking information if you receive one of these calls, and to call the sheriff’s office to make a report or just hang up.

The NCSO is working alongside other local agencies to put a stop to this type of crime.



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