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NCSO graduates students from program
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On January 28 the Newton County Sheriff's Office embarked upon a new journey, the Offender Responsibility Program.
The Offender Responsibility Program assists in helping participants recognize their responsibility for their actions. The program teaches the inmates the importance of thinking before they act and considering the repercussions of their actions, including consequences that affect them, their family and society. The classes attempt to educate them in hopes that once released, the information will be retained, their quality of life will improve and recidivism will decrease.

On June 4, 17 female and 25 male inmates put on graduation gowns and walked across the stage to accept their certificates. The added touch of the graduation gowns served to put much deserved smiles on their faces. Some inmates revealed that this was the first time they graduated from anything.

Many inmates have expressed their gratitude for the program and stated they now have their toolbox filled with the skills to be successful upon their return to the community.

The inmates are not the only benefactors of the program as the community at large benefits from having them re-enter society with self-esteem, the ability to manage their emotions and travel the path to escape the world of addictions.

The program is grant funded by the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program. The grant has afforded 140 inmates to voluntarily step forward to enhance their life skills.