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NCCA holds fourth student film festival
Actors Afemo Omilami, Michael Cole and Whitney Chappell attended the fourth annual Newton College and Career Academy's film festival on May 5. The guest speakers answered questions and gave advice on working in the Industry.

The Newton College and Career Academy (NCCA) held its fourth student Film Festival in the evening of May 5 on campus. It was a small casual event with friends and family.

The show began with two music videos directed by students. Once the videos were viewed, the hosts Moriah Barnes and Madison Damiani introduced guests, actors Afemo Omilami, Michael Cole and Whitney Chappell. Following the introduction, students were given an opportunity to ask questions during a Q & A session.

The one question that the guest most elaborated on was, “What is the greatest challenge they take on?” They all went on to say, “The industry may or may not be for everyone, and that is okay. Just pick your head up and keep moving forward. Have patience and your time will come.”

Intermission followed the Q&A period and I got a chance to speak with Omilami, who has appeared in “Saints and Sinners,” “True Detectives,” and “Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” I wanted to know how he got started in the acting business.

His response was, “To be in the business you have to study and work hard.” For Omilami, his first role was being a tree in his high school’s play. Later, he then says he took acting classes and starred in his first movie in 1971, “Freedom Road.”

After interviewing Omilami, the festival went on to show short films and commercials directed by students. The students responded more to the short films rather than the commercials. The short films displayed what teens go through in todays’ society. As the show was coming to an end it was time to announce the winners for each of the categories.

Winners were:

  • Best Commercial: Go Pro
  • Best Actor: Jarvis Glass
  • Best Actress:  Moriah Barnes
  • Music Video: I Was Here
  • Editor of the Year: Madison Damiani & Jarvis Glass (tied)
  • People’s Choice: Mr. Happy
  • Best Short Film: Mr. Happy
  • Producer of the Year: Moriah Barnes and Madison Damiani (tied)

After the award ceremony, students gave their teacher Mrs. J. Watson a tribute to show how much they enjoyed her class over the years.

The Film Festival was an event for students to show off their acting skills and love for filmmaking.