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Mount Tabor Road now open
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Mount Tabor Road opened at 10 a.m. Wednesday, after the road’s bridge was closed in late September when the Yellow River flooded.

Chairman Kathy Morgan said the road is only open to car traffic and vehicles weighing less than 8 tons. She said engineers are still designing a bridge repair plan, and the county hopes to get repairs approved by early next year. She said construction is expected to take no more than three months and cost a maximum of $250,000.

The county is seeking money from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to cover part or all of the cost of repairs.

Morgan said the piers under the bridge could become unstable if heavier trucks drove on it. She said possible fixes could include concrete reinforcement or cages filled with rocks that would be connected to and support the piers.

The bridges on Brown Bridge and Rocky Plains roads have been inspected and were not damaged to the point where they needed to be repaired. Morgan said they will be reinspected again at a later date.