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Migrant workers detained briefly
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Dozens of migrant workers on their way to work in the tobacco fields of North Carolina were detained Thursday morning, after a passerby on Interstate 20 saw what they thought was someone being forced into the undercarriage of one of the workers' charter buses and called 911.

The two buses were detoured to the parking lot of the Newton County Sheriff's Office where the Hispanic workers had their work permits checked and the buses checked for any sort of violations.

Although the situation seemed suspicious, according to NCSO Lt. Tyrone Oliver, the person in the undercarriage was simply one of the drivers. Because the buses were filled to capacity, the drivers took turns to rest and they would go to the undercarriage of the bus - which was air conditioned and had light - to sleep. There were even pallets available to make them more comfortable.

After a short time, the buses were able to continue their trip to North Carolina.