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Man with walker threatens police officers
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A 60-year-old man with a walker was arrested Tuesday night after allegedly threatening officers from the Covington Police Department.

Police were called to the area of Old Monticello Street because a resident there had been complaining of loud noises. However when they arrived, officers didn't hear any people yelling or talking loudly as the caller had described to dispatchers, so they shut their vehicle off and sat in the area of Old Monticello and Legion Drive and listened.

A few moments later, officers heard yelling coming from the rear of a home that backs up to Old Monticello Street. The officers got out and went to speak with the two people outside. As they got closer one person ran off into the residence and didn't come back out, the other person, later identified as 60-year-old William Fred Adams III, stayed outside.

Officers said hello to Adams who immediately shouted at them to shut their flashlights off, according to reports. When the officers declined, Adams reportedly used very colorful language, and ordered the officers once again, to shut off their lights. In fact, the incident report states that Adams demanded the flashlights be shut off several times, each time using profanity towards the officers.

"During this verbal altercation, and even though Adams was being supported by a walker, he made threatening gestures and posture to myself," states the report.

The officers told Adams that they would turn off their flashlights if he turned on his porch light. Adams complied, for a moment. Although he turned on the porch light, Adams immediately turned it back off then yelled at the officers once again to turn their flashlights off and to get off his property, still using profanity.

When officers asked Adams his name, he told them. When they asked his date of birth he allegedly said "I don't need to tell you s**t."

Due to his continued combative behavior and what officers believed were extreme intoxication, they decided to arrest him for disorderly conduct. As they approached him Adams reportedly asked officers what they were doing. When he saw them pull out handcuffs he began resisting the officers who had to bring him to the ground in order to get control.

However, Adams continued to fight the officers, according to reports, and to use "abusive language" towards them. He was told twice that if he didn't cooperate they would use their Taser. Eventually Adams was handcuffed without the use of the Taser.

Along with the disorderly conduct charge, officers also charged Adams with possession of marijuana less than one ounce because he allegedly had a rolled marijuana cigarette tucked behind his ear.