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Man shoots gun at stepdaughter
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Shots were fired after a fight between a woman and her stepfather began near Weat and Mill streets Monday evening.
According to reports, the Covington Police Department arrived when a woman was walking down Wheat Street “very upset,” telling officers she got into an argument with her stepfather.

The woman, Stephanie Watson, told CPD that her Michael Campbell pushed her down and she hit and punched him in the face several times to defend herself. According to reports she also threw a glass at the front door and smashed out a window on the front porch.

Watson, and later a witness, told police that Campbell pointed and shot a black pistol at her while he was on the porch.
The witness reported hearing a male yell “Get out of my yard you stupid ho,” and then pointed a pistol and shot in the direction of the female, Watson.

According to reports both Watson and Campbell told police they had been drinking.

Campbell had several cuts and scrapes and red marks on his face and blood on his hands and appeared to have urinated in his pants, according to the police report.

Campbell told police that he asked Watson why was she taking so long in the bathroom, and then “she went ballistic on him.”

Campbell also told police that “If I wanted to kill her, I would have shot her. I wasn’t trying to shoot her.”

According to reports, officers found a black pistol with the slide locked back and a small amount of blood on the grip on a crate just inside the house. The pistol was a hi-point 45acp.

Watson was arrested for battery under family violence act, and Watson was charged with aggravated assault under the family violence act.