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Man robbed of phones, meats at gunpoint
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A man said an unknown group of young males robbed him Wednesday night.

A report said an officer with the Covington Police Department responded to Spring Street after receiving a call about a robbery. The victim told the officer that he was walking from his home to an address on Bohannon Street when a group of males robbed him.

According to the report, the victim said he was carrying a bag with three packs of Italian sausages and a five-pack of hamburger patties, and he also had a black Samsung flip phone. Once he got to Spring Street, the man said a large group of masked young males came from behind a gray house, flashed guns, robbed him, and ran toward Spring Street.

The victim said one of the males pointed a chrome pistol at him and asked him, "What you got?" stealing his meat and phone. The man said it took him 10 minutes to walk back home to call 911.

The man told the officer that at least three of the males were armed with black and chrome- colored pistols, all of the males had on dark colored clothing, and that their heights varied and their voices sounded young, the report stated. No further information was available at the time of the report.

Man, reportedly intoxicated, reports assault

A man who, according to deputies, was intoxicated, said he was jumped by six unknown individuals and hit in the face with a brick.

A report from the Newton County Sheriff’s Office said a deputy responded to an address on Mountain View Drive Sunday just after midnight in reference to an aggravated assault.

NCSO Investigator Jeff Alexander said a man he described as "extremely intoxicated" told the deputy that he was in his front yard when he was attacked by six unknown males.

"He didn’t know who these people were. He said he was hit in the face with a brick, but yet there were no observed injuries. He refused EMS three different times," Alexander said.

Alexander said the man was uncooperative and the case is under investigation.

Man reportedly robbed at gas station

A 46-year-old man said two unknown men robbed him after they requested money and a light while at a gas station last Friday.

A report from the Newton County Sheriff’s Office said a deputy responded to a robbery that had already occurred at the BP gas station at the intersection of Salem and Kirkland roads. Investigator Jeff Alexander said the victim stated two males — one white and one black — approached him and asked if he had a dollar or a light for a cigarette or if he had a cigarette.

"He reached in his pocket to get a dollar for each of them and they grabbed $564 from him and ran off," Alexander said.

The man wasn’t injured during the incident and there was no video available at the time of the report, Alexander said.