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Man leaves truck on train tracks
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A man was arrested early Saturday morning after reportedly parking his vehicle on the train tracks on Turner Street.
Officers responded and found a Ford Ranger parked approximately 50-feet down the tracks just south of Turner Street. Witnesses said a man had parked, got out and began walking up Nixon Circle. Officers located the man, later identified as Gregory Adkins, leaning against a light pole.

When they spoke with Adkins, they reportedly noticed the odor of alcohol coming from him and that his eyes were bloodshot and his speech slurred. When asked if he’d been drinking, Adkins allegedly told officers that he had consumed two beers, but that he’d done nothing wrong and was just trying to get home to Oxford. He told officers he had been at The Depot, but said the truck on the tracks was not his.

However, once transported back to his vehicle, the witnesses identified him. A search of Adkins yielded a set of keys that went to the vehicle parked on the tracks. After failing a sobriety test, Adkins was arrested and charged with DUI and failure to maintain lane. His breath test showed his alcohol level at .224. The legal limit in Georgia is .08.

Don’t mess with the Stanley girls
A Covington man was jumped by several females early Sunday morning.

Officers were called to West Street and when they arrived, found the victim sitting on the front of a car and bleeding from the head. They were unable to get much information from the victim, who was not only injured but also intoxicated, according to reports.

A witness told officers that the victim had been attending a party and dancing when a fight erupted between him and seven or eight “Stanley girls.” She did not know what caused the fight or what the girls names were, just that they lived with a man named Charles Stanley on Lunsford Circle, according to reports.

She also told officers that two men jumped in the fight and assaulted the victim, following him outside and pistol whipping him at one point before leaving with the Stanley girls. Two other witnesses gave the same story to police.
The victim was treated by EMS and then transported to Grady Hospital for treatment. The resident of the home, Erica Hunter, was given a written earning for disorderly house.