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Man hit in head with pipe by mechanic
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A man was hit in the head with a pipe after confronting a mechanic who was cussing at his girlfriend.

The girlfriend had taken her vehicle to a car repair shop on Georgia Highway 36. She paid the car mechanic for the repairs before leaving her vehicle at the business.

Three weeks later the repairs were still not completed. The girlfriend and boyfriend went to the car repair shop to talk to the owner.

While there, the girlfriend approached the car mechanic and asked for her money back since the repairs had not been completed as promised. The car mechanic then began yelling and cussing at the girlfriend and refusing to refund her money.

According to the police report, the boyfriend heard the car mechanic "cussing at his old lady" and approached the two. The boyfriend turned to his girlfriend and instructed her to get back into the car. When the boyfriend turned around, the car mechanic struck him in the head with a pipe.

The boyfriend then began punching the mechanic until he realized his head was bleeding from the strike. He then left to seek medical attention.