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Man charged with kidnapping his wife
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A Conyers man remains in the Newton County Detention Center charged with the kidnapping of his wife.

Deputies from the Newton County Sheriff’s Officer were called to the McDonald’s restaurant on Salem Road after the victim hid in a bathroom stall and called 911 to report that 54-year-old John Dwight Goss refused to let her go.

According to reports, the victim said that she and Goss were arguing the night before in their Rockdale County home. Deputies reported that he threatened her throughout the night,allegedly telling her "you shouldn’t feel safe in this house."

The woman told deputies that Goss made her get out of bed and do household chores throughout the night, keeping her awake. At 8 a.m. he made her go to McDonald’s to eat breakfast with him and his friends.

During the meal the victim was quiet and at one point Goss allegedly asked her why she was being "rude" by not speaking and when she declined to answer he threw food on her. She went to the bathroom and locked herself in a stall to get away from him and called 911.

Goss reportedly followed her into the bathroom and began to yell at her while she was on the phone with a dispatcher. Goss reportedly crawled under the door of the stall and grabbed her by the arm, dragging her out of the restroom into the dining area.

The woman reportedly began yelling for someone to call 911, although her phone was still connected to the 911 call center at that time. After hearing her yell, several witnesses looked over and Goss allegedly let go of her and walked outside, saying, "she could stay there if she was going to act like that."

Goss told deputies that he went into the restroom to get the woman, but reportedly denied forcing her out of the restroom. Surveillance video told a different story and deputies were able to determine that Goss had forced the victim out of the restroom and attempted to force her out of the restaurant as well.

Goss was charged with kidnapping and simple violence under the Family Violence Act. He was transported to the Newton County Detention Center.