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Man beaten and robbed giving woman a ride home
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A Covington man was reportedly beaten and robbed after he gave an unknown woman a ride home.

Covington police spoke to the man at Newton Medical Center on Saturday afternoon who said he was beaten and robbed by four men after he gave an unknown woman a ride from a gas station.

The man said he went to a QuikTrip located on Ga. Highway 278 to get gas around 4 a.m. that morning and a black female wearing a brown dress approached him and asked him for a ride. The man told the woman he usually doesn't give people rides but this time he would make an exception because the woman lived close by.

The man left the gas station with the woman and headed to a residence on Bohannon Street. When they pulled into the driveway, the woman got out of the vehicle and he also got out the vehicle to make sure the woman was safe because it was late.

As the man got out of his vehicle, a group of four black males pulled him from the vehicle and began to punch and kick him. The man said the men pulled his clothes off and took his wallet, which he said had $200 in it and his cell phone. He said he asked for his keys back and one of the men gave him his keys and told him he needed to leave.

According to the report, the man described the males as being young with ages ranging 18 to 35. He said three of the men were wearing white shirts and one man was wearing a black shirt. No other description was given about the men.

The man said he left Bohannon Street and drove to the Newton Medical Center.

Employees at the hospital said the man entered the hospital with socks on his feet, a tank top shirt and boxers and was holding his pants and another shirt which were covered in blood.

Police said the man appeared to be beaten severely. He had several wounds to his face and head and his eyes were extremely swollen. Police said according to the hospital, the man had several broken bones in his face and a broken ankle.

Police also said there was blood on the hood, driver's side, top, rear and passenger's side of the man's vehicle. Photos were taken of the vehicle and of the man's wounds.

Police reported back to Bohannon Street and asked several people in the area if they knew anything about the altercation but no one had any information. They were also unable to locate the crime scene. Police continue to investigate the crime.