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Man assaulted with stick in Porterdale
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Officers from the Porterdale Police Department responded to an assault on North Broad Street Oct. 11 and found that a man had reportedly been hit by a stick when he went outside his home to investigate a strange vehicle.
According to reports, the man had been attacked by two unknown white males, though he was able to identify the driver of the vehicle as a woman called "Michelle." One officer went to look for the vehicle while another officer continued to speak with the complainant, who was extremely intoxicated, according to reports.
The victim reportedly told the officer his wife was at a party with Michelle earlier in the evening, and during this time his wife called him from a payphone and the two were arguing, which is when the vehicle pulled up and the two men got out with sticks and assaulted him.
While one officer spoke with the victim, the other officer was able to locate Michelle, who allegedly told them the victim had assaulted her. She reportedly told the officer that she and the complainant's wife had been at a "sex party" and that the victim and his wife were arguing over the phone. She said the man's wife was so upset that she was unable to take her home, according to reports.
She reportedly told the officers she had dropped the woman off at a store and that she went to the victim's house to let him know not to involve her in the arguments between himself and his wife, and on the way there she allegedly told the officers she picked up two men walking down the road. She reportedly told officers she did not know these men.
According to reports she told officers that when she arrived at the complainant's home, he attacked her by grabbing her by the back of the neck as if he were going to punch her. That is when, according to reports, the men allegedly got out of her vehicle and defended her. When officers asked her if the two men hit the victim with a stick, she reportedly said "I guess so." She was given a witness statement and asked to fill it out. No other action was taken that evening.

Needs more than beer
Officers from the Porterdale Police Department arrested a woman for stealing beer from a local convenience store Sunday afternoon, after she reportedly took the beer because "she needed it."
PPD officers were called to the store on Broad Street a little after 1 p.m. by an employee who said that 51-year-old Marla Kennedy was in the store drunk and that she had allegedly gone to the cooler where the beer was kept, got a beer and left the store without paying for it.
The officers noticed Kennedy walking down the street, and when they approached her they reportedly noticed she had a plastic bag in her hand with a beer in it. When asked where she was coming from, she allegedly told them she was coming from the store and there were a couple of beers in her bag. When asked if she had paid for them, she allegedly told the officers she had not, but that the employee at the store had given the beers to her.
When told they needed to go back to the store and verify her story, Kennedy, who reportedly had bloodshot eyes and reeked of alcohol, said the employee did not give her the beer but that she had taken it because she "really needed it."
Kennedy was told to get into the back of the patrol car, which she did, but as she was getting in, she allegedly attempted to open and drink one of the beers. Officers snatched the bag from her hands so she was unable to do so. When they arrived back at the store, the employee reportedly told officers Kennedy tried to purchase the beer but she would not sell it to her because it was Sunday which is when Kennedy walked out of the store with it.
The beer, two 24-ounce cans of Triple Black Steel Reserve beer, valued at 99 cents each, were returned to the store and Kennedy was transported to the Newton County Detention Center where she was charged with shoplifting and public drunkeness.