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Man arrested for choking daughter
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A Covington man was arrested late Sunday night after officers witnessed the 49-year-old choking his juvenile daughter in their home.

Officers from the CPD were called to a home on West Street and when they arrived, were met at the front door of the home by a woman. They could hear a male and female screaming and fighting inside the home and the woman at the door told officers that her husband was inside fighting with their daughter and she needed help.

When officers walked in they saw Antonio Lamar Horton in the kitchen on top of his juvenile daughter. He was choking the girl as two other juveniles watched, according to reports. The girl was "crying and attempting to scream for help." Horton had his full weight on top her and she was laying on the ground with her chest down. Horton was using his body weight as leverage and his forearm and elbow as a vice to choke his child, according to reports.

After pulling Horton off of the child, officers spoke with the other juveniles who had witnessed the event, one who is just 4-years-old. The children's mother was upset, but was working to calm the children.

The victim told officers that she and her brother were arguing and their mother stood between them and tried to stop the two juveniles from bickering, it was at this point that Horton became involved. The girl said her father walked to the living room area where the fight was taking place and pushed his wife into a wall, knocking her down. He then struck the girl in the face with a closed fist. As she ran from him, he pursued her, finally tackling her in the kitchen.

Her mother attempted to pull Horton off of her but was unable to do so. The girl said that while struggling with her father she tried to grab a kitchen knife but Horton knocked it away from her and began choking her.
The family reportedly told officers that Horton had been "drinking all night" and that his "temper is even worse when intoxicated."

The girl had a slight (but visible) injury to her face and an injury to her right shoulder.

All statements from family members matched and Horton was arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center where he was charged with simple battery and cruelty to children.