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Man arrested for beating cancer survivor
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A Covington man was arrested early Friday morning after beating his girlfriend, who is currently recovering from breast cancer surgery.

When officers arrived at the apartment of 61-year-old Thomas Nash, they immediately reported that his face was flushed and he appeared heavily intoxicated. His live-in girlfriend was trembling and her hands shook as she spoke with officers.

They also noticed two cuts on her face that were bleeding, as well as a bloody fingernail that she told officers came from her trying to fend off Nash's attack.The woman allegedly told officers that Nash had abused her in the past and that she had been living with him for two months, but was trying to find a place of her own. She also told them she was currently recovering from breast cancer surgery and her left wrist was wrapped in a bandage and secured in a sling.

She told officers that Nash had been drinking vodka, and maybe a beer, that day. Officers ended up locating an empty quart vodka bottle and an empty beer bottle in the house.

She said the two got into an argument about four hours prior to the actual altercation and that Nash was being verbally abusive and wanted her to leave.

According to reports, she was in bed when Nash started punching, kicking and choking her, all the while being verbally abusive as well. She got up and tried to get away from him and the fight moved from the bedroom to the living room.

"(The victim) said that prior to the altercation and while in bed, she was praying that Nash would stop the abuse and was also contemplating a way to get out of the situation and leave the apartment."

She was treated by EMS at the scene and received counseling about programs available to assist her in separating from Nash, who she told officers had threatened to kill her.

Although officers attempted to speak with Nash, he was too intoxicated for officers to understand anything he said. He was transported to the Newton County Detention Center where he was charged with simple battery.