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Man arrested during family fight
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A family fight in front of the children landed a husband in jail early Saturday.

According to reports, officers from the Covington Police Department could hear yelling from their patrol car when they were called to a home in Jefferson Village. As they approached, officers could hear a man, later identified as 36-year-old Kevin Ramone Roberson, yelling at a female who was later identified as his wife. When officers knocked on the door, the yelling stopped.

Officers said they knocked on the front and back doors several times. According to reports they could hear whispering but no one was coming to the door. After several minutes, a woman came to the back door. The officer asked her what happened and she reportedly told him she and her husband were just arguing, but when the officer shined his flashlight on her hands, he noticed fresh scratches on the back of her hands and on her wrists that were bleeding. When asked where they came from, she allegedly admitted to "tussling" with her husband and said that was probably where they came from.

Officers also noticed a large bruise on her upper right arm but when asked, she told officers that it was not from the incident with her husband that night, although she could not explain where it came from. Her knees also were bruised.

When officers asked him how his wife got the scratches on her hands and wrists, Roberson reportedly told them he had been sleeping on the couch when she came in the room and attacked him for no reason.

Officers spoke with three teens that lived in the home. According to reports, one had taken a cell phone into a closet to hide and called 911.

Roberson was arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center where he was charged with Family Violence Act battery. He was bonded out three days later on a $1,300 property bond.