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Man arrested after threatening to cut the throat of ex-wife's boyfriend
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A Covington man was arrested Saturday afternoon after reportedly threatening to cut the throat of his ex-wife’s current boyfriend.

According to reports, when officers from the Covington Police Department arrived in the area of City Pond Park around 2:30 p.m. they were flagged down by a man who was running across the east end parking lot. The man was described as "obviously shaken and very scared." When asked what the problem was, he allegedly told officers that 27-year-old Mathew Shane Lester, his girlfriend’s ex-husband, had pulled a knife on him and said he "would cut his throat."

The man asked officer’s if they would let him into their patrol car for his safety and pointed them to the direction of the children’s play area. He also offered to point Lester out to officers from the safety of the car.

When the man saw Lester, he was walking toward the gate and out of the ball field. Officers stopped him and asked if he had weapons on his person. He reportedly said, "No, you wanna’ check?" Officers did check him and found no weapons.

Officers then asked Lester what the problem had been at the park and he allegedly told them he became mad when he saw his ex-wife’s boyfriend at his son’s ball practice with her. According to reports he admitted following the man to the bathrooms and telling him he shouldn’t be there and "he should hit him in the mouth" because he was there, then walked away.

While speaking with Lester, officers noticed that he seemed to be paranoid, nervous and that his mouth was very dry. He was also sweating profusely.

The other man said that when he saw Lester was at the ball park, he walked in the other direction to avoid him, but as he walked away, Lester ran up to him pulled a knife and told him he would cut his throat. He reportedly told officers that it was at that time he ran away from Lester and called 911. He described the knife as being about 6-inches long with a green handle.

As officer’s questioned Lester and the other man, Lester’s ex-wife walked up and asked what was going on. She told officers that Lester had come to the ball field with his mother, and when he entered he came directly to her and told her he "had something for him" (referring to her boyfriend), and showed her a knife. She also reportedly told officers that she saw Lester run in the direction that her boyfriend had walked off in, but that she did not see Lester stop him.

Additionally, she allegedly told officers that Lester was angry because she was with the other man because they weren’t technically divorced yet due to financial reasons. She also said that Lester has been living with another woman and that he had left her and their son, had a bad drug problem and was only at the ball field to "start trouble."

After Lester was charged with terroristic threats and placed under arrest, the other man was removed from the patrol car in order to place Lester inside. The man was still so frightened he allegedly kneeled down behind the patrol car so that Lester could not see him or get to him.