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Man arrested after accidental shooting
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A night out with friends turned ugly after a fight between two women turned into a fight between their boyfriends as well and ended in one man getting shot in the head.

 The two couples went out to dinner to celebrate one woman’s 21st birthday Tuesday night. During the dinner, and after having a few drinks, the two women began squabbling. They left the restaurant/bar and headed to the home of one of the females where the arguing continued.

 At some point, the 22-year-old male victim jumped into the argument to take up for his girlfriend which apparently angered the other woman’s boyfriend, 27-year-old Jamie Trevor Lloyd, and the two men began arguing as well.

 According to Newton County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Cortney Morrison, Lloyd pulled out a gun and as he did so, it discharged, grazing the victim in the head.

 The victim was not killed, but was treated and released at the hospital. Lloyd was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.