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Man allegedly exposes and fondles himself on the road to several women
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 After several women made reports to the Newton County Sheriff’s Department of a man allegedly driving around naked and fondling himself, investigators arrested 48-year-old Marcus Wade Mitchell at his home Friday morning.

 According to NCSO Sgt. Sonny Goodson the department first received word on Oct. 16 that a man in a blue truck was reportedly naked and fondling himself to passersby on Magnet and Oak Hill roads but by the time a deputy arrived, the man was long gone. The next morning a bus driver called for assistance after allegedly noticing a man pull up next to her at the corner of Brown Bridge and Salem roads naked in his blue truck fondling himself. Once more, by the time a deputy arrived the man had fled. The bus driver, however, had written down the tag number of the vehicle.

 Goodson located the address associated with the tag number and went to the home listed, but there was no one there. Goodson also received a call from a person who reportedly told him a 76-year-old woman had reported a similar incident roughly two weeks previously in the parking lot of a grocery store and on the western side of the county — both times the woman said the man was naked and driving a blue truck.
 After receiving this information Goodson returned once more to the home listed as the residence of the owner of the vehicle the bus driver had noticed that morning, and while there Mitchell reportedly pulled up in his blue truck. He was, however, clothed at this time in a T-shirt and spandex shorts.

 Mitchell was arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center where he was charged with public indecency/indecent exposure. According to Goodson, Mitchell has no previous criminal history that he is aware of.

Bricks and grills in domestic throwdown
 A domestic dispute ended with both parties arrested after authorities were called to a home on Pebble Brook Drive early Saturday morning.

 Deputies from the NCSO were called to the home, and once they arrived, they noticed 30-year-old Antonio Demonte Shy walking down the street, bleeding from the mouth. When asked what happened, he allegedly told deputies he and 38-year-old Twanda Shemmette Brown had been out drinking, and when they came home, they began arguing about him going out with someone else.

 According to Shy, the argument became physical and Brown reportedly hit him with a brick. He told deputies he left because he didn’t want to go back to jail. He also allegedly stated to deputies that Brown hit him first and that she was the only one being physical in the fight.

 Brown, however, had a different version of the story, according to incident reports. Brown reportedly came out of the home and told deputies she was the one who had called them. She told them that Shy had attacked her. When questioned about his injuries, she allegedly said she did not hit him with a brick and that he had hit him first.

 Deputies followed Brown into the residence where she reportedly showed the deputies where the fight had taken place, pointing out some items that had been misplaced due to the altercation.
 She said the two were on the back deck of the home when he became angry because he allegedly thought she was trying to check up on him due to his talking to another female.

 Brown reportedly told deputies Shy threw a barbecue grill at her and she reportedly pushed him into the deck rail where he hit his mouth. She also alleged Shy hit her in the eye with his fist and bit her finger, according to reports.

 Based on visible injuries to both Shy and Brown each were placed under arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center. Both were charged with battery/Family Violence Act and third degree cruelty to children. Juveniles in the home at the time of the arrest were left in the custody of a family member.