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Mama Bee's Tip of the Week - March 20
The secrets to a No Spend Weekend
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A No Spend Weekend is exactly what it sounds like, friends. It means not one single penny leaves your wallet via cash or credit for an entire weekend. No frappuccinos, no sticks of gum, no nothin’! Don’t think you can do it? Get the whole family on board and you’ll be amazed by how much you save.

You don’t want to plan too far in advance for your weekend, because you’ll find yourself eating out earlier, filling the gas tank one more time, and pre-purchasing movie tickets. That defeats the point. The point is to live on less. Most families spend 80 percent to 90 percent of their disposable income on the weekends, so plan your No Spend Weekend from the time you get home from work on Friday until the time you leave for work on Monday morning.

I suggest planning a No Spend Weekend as soon as you get paid, so you can the break cycle of impulsive spending. With a few No Spend Weekends under your belt, you’ll find yourself becoming more discriminating in your purchases and focusing on needs more than wants.

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