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Local man charged with DUI says he shouldnt drive
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A Covington police officer responded to a call from an anonymous citizen who observed an intoxicated man getting into the cab of his white F-150 truck in the parking lot of the Depot Bar and Grill.

The officer was able to locate the white F-150 and noticed the truck was riding on the white line on the shoulder. After following behind the vehicle for a while, the officer then proceeded to conduct a traffic stop.

Upon approaching the driver, the officer noted he could smell alcohol on the driver's breath and person. He also noticed the driver's eyes were glassy.
The driver admitted to having a few drinks while at the Depot.

When the officer asked him to get out of the truck, the driver stated that he could not because he had muscular dystrophy. He said that it caused his legs to be weak which resulted in him having a hard time of walking. The driver then admitted that he probably should not be driving under his current condition.

Eventually, the officer coaxed the driver out of the car. The officer asked him if he had any problems with his eyes in order to perform some tests to determine if the driver was intoxicated. The driver then stated that the medication he was on for his muscular dystrophy caused his eyes to twitch back and forth.

The officer conducted a portable breathalyzer test to the driver and he blew positive for alcohol consumption.
The officer then placed the driver under arrest were he rode to jail laid down in the back seat of the police car.